Designing for 100 million Developers

Today, APIs and APPs are everywhere. Every company is racing to become a software business and to ultimately disrupt or be disrupted. However, in a world of millions of apps and billions of users, it is important to think about the people behind these technologies and ask, where are the developers? With only around 15 million professional developers in the world, one of the most important considerations we need to keep in mind today is who will be writing the apps of the future. Salesforce has taken a different approach to platform with this in mind, and Adam Seligman shares some perspective from the declarative-first world.

This talk covers this and questions including:
– What would it mean to have 100 million developers in the world?
– What tools and languages will these developers of the future be using? What is the closest analog in the technology world today?
– What frameworks and architectures of today will best aid the developers of tomorrow?
– Where should we look with our architectures and tools to equip the hundred million?
– Is code the right way to express an application?

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