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The Joy of Making Tools

The Joy of Making Tools

As software developers our tools are inseparable from the work we do, and there are very few programs with which we are more familiar – more intimate – than our editors, debuggers, profilers, and source control. Yet most of us never get to really know these tools, never take a peek under the hood or turn our hand to making them ourselves. The shame of this is that our tools are made of what we know best, software!, so we have absolutely no excuse for not poking our noses into their business.

In this talk we’ll look at writing your own tools. I’ll try to give you some motivation and inspiration, to show you how enlightening and educational it can be, and to really convey a sense of how much fun it is. You don’t have to write a full IDE to experience the pride of using your own tools, and by taking ownership of even a small set of your tools you gain a deeper appreciation for everything you produce and ultimately become a better craftsman.

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