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Cleaner APIs, Cleaner UIs with Visage

7 May 2013 No Comment

Visage is a domain specific language (DSL) designed for the express purpose of writing user interfaces. A Visage application models the user interface you are designing both in appearance and function.

Visage is a JVM language designed specifically for UI development, with a special syntax for hierarchically describing UIs, binding data, and behavior and representing UI-specific concepts such as animation, layout, and styles. It also is a fully featured language with a full compiler tool chain, static compilation to JVM bytecodes, and IDE plug-ins. This session demonstrates how to use the Visage language to build UIs for JavaFX 2, Vaadin, and other Java-based UI platforms. Find out how you can take control of your UI development by writing cleaner, more maintainable UI code with the Visage language in your existing Java projects.

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