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High Performance Ruby

15 November 2012 No Comment

For years, the JVM has been the runtime to beat when it comes to runtime optimization and garbage collector performance. While statically-typed languages built atop the JVM have been able to leverage those capabilities, dynamic languages have often had a more difficult time. But the times they are a’changing.

Java 7 brings to the JVM a new and powerful feature called invokedynamic. With invokedynamic, dynamic languages no longer have an automatic performance penalty. The optimizations that make Java and other statically-typed JVM languages run fast now apply to dynamic languages just as well. Imagine a world where Ruby runs as fast as Java, with nearly zero GC overhead, true parallel threads, massive heap sizes, and rock-solid stability. That’s the potential of invokedynamic, the JVM, and JRuby, and I’m going to show you how it all fits together.

Video Producer: http://confreaks.com/
Conference: Golden Gate Ruby Conference

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