How to Architect a Codebase-wide Refactoring Project

The notion of approaching such a huge refactoring task is daunting to say the least, and the altruistic idea of dismantling the project piece by piece, then re–building it systematically is more easily said than done. But through the course of this advanced refactoring session, we’ll identify and assemble the building blocks needed to accomplish a task of this nature.

We’ll approach such concepts as functional decomposition, code criticality, the correctness continuum, sub–tree refactoring index and prioritisation. All these considerations can help you to avoid mission–critical mistakes as you take on this beast. You can anticipate thorough definitions, explanations and demonstrations of each concept, so that by the end of this presentation you’ll have the foundations you require to architect a refactoring project of this magnitude … or to eat an elephant, whichever you would prefer.

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